Kairosoft Releases Action-y Sci-Fi City Building Simulation

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Well, this was unexpected. A day or so after launching a restaurant simulation game on Android, the simulation gurus at Kairosoft stealth-released Epic Astro Story [$3.99] across the iPhone and iPod Touch. From the look, it appears as if it’s melding the action-y soccer part of Pocket League Story with the city-building of its other recent releases, Oh Edo Town and Venture Town. The key exceptions being that it’s dripping with sci-fi buildings and homes, and the action-y part are actual battles with cutesy aliens.

We’re giving it a spin right now and will definitely deliver you something a little more specific in the near future. If you’re a Kairosoft fan, however, this appears to be the change of pace game you’ve been craving since the company began releasing its city building games on the App Store. Fingers crossed for awesome!

[Thanks, WakeBoardMan10!]

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