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Kairosoft Release Restaurant Sim ‘Cafeteria Nipponica’ on Android, iOS Release Soon?

Cafeteria Nipponica is the latest Kairosoft game to grace Android. In it, you’ll play as “the chef de cuisine" and assume his or her role of planner, architect, and chef. You’ll compose menus, discover and research ingredients, construct a restaurant and then put in various trimmings in an effort to boost its popularity and make customers happy. This is as traditional as it gets, from the look and description of it.

We’re giving you the heads up on this because there’s a solid chance we’ll see this on iOS soon. Historically, Kairosoft launches its titles on Android first, and then ports the game to iPhone about a month later. We haven’t seen a Kairosoft release since the beginning of the year, so we’re ready for it to… spice up our lives with any game, including this one. Help us feel complete, Kairosoft!