‘Super Crate Box’ Adds New Crate In Update

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The latest update to Super Crate Box [$1.99] introduces a new kind of crate, developer Vlambeer told us via e-mail this afternoon. Version 1.1, which just hit, adds extremely rare, and random, golden crates. In all, there are just 100 to collect globally. Also, as if that wasn’t Willy Wonka enough for you, a rare golden enemy type is being added, as well. As soon as fans find all of the golden crates, Vlambeer plans to release the next update.

This update will also introduce two more indie characters to unlock: one from Starguard, and the other from Psychosomnium. Bug fixes, tweaks, and prep work for version 1.2 are also expected to drop when this hits. Oh! And the first person to download this will score the world’s very first golden crate. Dibs!

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