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GDC 2012: Two on the Way from Digital Goldfish

At GDC 2012 we got a preview of two upcoming titles from Scottish game studio Digital Goldfish, the guys behind Bloons.

Chip Trippington and the Kwiff Frizz Quiz

One of the most unique and perhaps even bizarre titles I saw at GDC this year was the upcoming point-and-click adventure Chip Trippington and the Kwiff Frizz Quiz for iPad and iPhone.

The game is the story of poor Chip, the office Liquid Rejuvenation Manager, who has a big heart but is more often than not the butt of his officemates’ gaffs. Chip just wants to be one of the guys, and so joy it was when he got an invite to the company party. Sadly, when he went to get ready for the big night out, Chip discovered he was out of Kwiff Frizz, the structural component that holds his mighty hair aloft. Out to the shop then, goes Chip. But, little does he know that the quick run to the corner store is about send him through a series of unimaginable events that just might put the fate of the world in his big, clammy hands.

Chip Trippington starts out with the simple challenge of getting Chip to make a cup of coffee for his co-workers, but then the quest for a hair product begins, and it’s one adventure after another. Gameplay involves point-and-click puzzle solving and multiple-choice text interactions. In the few minutes I spent with the title, I came to love its sometimes warped sense of humor.

World’s Strongest Man

Another coming game that the Digital Goldfish folks showed us was an iOS take on the TV license World’s Strongest Man. The game will be an iPhone-specific release that challenges you to be come the world mightiest athlete. Getting that done involves balancing Energy and Morale levels during visceral competitions such as Keg Toss, Overhead Lift, and Truck Pull.

In preparing for The Big Day, there’s much training to be done in the game’s training area, building strength and improving skill. These involve seven different mini-games (with an eight coming in an update after launch), all designed to push muscles to the max.

Getting to the glory seat requires a bit of strategy on top of the raw muscle element. Career choices factor in, such as determining which promo events to take on, and just how to structure training to maximize your build.

The game features a Career mode that is a 10-year run to become the World’s Strongest Man, as well as a Free Play mode that is conducive to quick-play sessions.