GDC 2012: Here’s What ‘Spirits’ Will Look Like On iPad 3

Earlier this afternoon, Spaces of Play gave us a first-hand look at how Spirits [$2.99 / HD], it’s first and only game, might look on iPad 3’s rumored 2048 x 1536 resolution. Like a lot of studios, Spaces is being proactive about the new hardware, and it’s hoping to get a double resolution update out within a few weeks of the devices presumed launch a little later this month.

Interestingly, Spaces is leveraging its Mac version of Spirits as the testing ground. It sports multiple resolutions, including 2048 x 1536, enhanced visual elements like a beautiful new “glow" filter, as well as re-painted art.

Check out these screens:

Ah, the difference 2X the resolution makes.
The amount of detail in this image is scary. Click on this, zoom in, and check it out.

Last week, Kevin Ng showed off what his upcoming vector-based title, Food Run, will look on iPad 3. Spirits is pretty different, as it’s a really heavily physics-based game that gnaws at memory. Spaces hopes that iPad 3’s memory will receive a significant boost over its predecessor, iPad 2. Otherwise, the final version might end up looking a little different or it might end up missing some features present in the Mac version, like say, fast forward.