Another Monstrous ‘Junk Jack’ Update is Hitting Soon

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Junk Jack [$2.99/Lite] developer Pixbits has shown a strong amount of post-release love to their 2D Minecraft-esque title, and in their latest update which has been partway released on the App Store they once again deliver the goods.

Wait, how is the update partway released, you ask? Well, for some reason, Apple went and approved the update for the lite version last week, with the full version update still waiting to get the go ahead. So, if you’re dying to see some of the newly implemented features, you can catch a glimpse from Junk Jack LE if  you really want.

Since Pixbits was kind enough to list the extensive number of changes in this latest update over on their website, we’ll refrain from reposting the entire thing. But here’s a list of the major new additions, and you can check out their website or the update description in iTunes for a full list of tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes:

• Craftable jigsaw puzzle!
• Junk Jack Shop! (buy small things to support the developers)
• Explosives!
• Attack visibility toward mobs (experimental)
• Walking behavior for mobs
• Writable signs
• New mob: maya zombie!
• New mob: mummy!
• New mob: zombies!
• New mob: skeletons!
• New mob: mother dynaslime!
• New mob: dynaslime!
• New mob: meat launching zombies!
• New mob: skeleton bomber!
• New skeleton statue (hard to craft)
• New zombie statue (hard to craft)
• Wild boar goulash can now be crafted
• Dead tree saplings!
• New craftable cottage pavement
• New craftable cottage bricks
• New craftable roof tiles
• Delicious cactus soup can now be crafted

As we said before, you can catch a glimpse of some of these features in the Junk Jack Lite Edition if you’re the impatient type, and the update for the full version of Junk Jack should release just as soon as it’s approved by Apple, which I’m hoping is in the next 10 seconds.

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