A Collection of Freebies to Love on Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one doing obnoxiously adorable things, or whether you shun the idea of expressing love because a commercialized holiday told you to, one thing everyone can agree on is that we all love free games. And on this Valentine’s Day, there’s a decent selection of titles that are currently available for $0. Gift these to your iOS toting significant other, selfishly download them to play for yourself, or do both. Even if you’re sitting home alone today, your old friend video games is always there to help brighten your day.

Plunderland - GameClub, Free - While we are (im)patiently waiting for Prevail to arrive, you can check out the full version of Johnny Two Shoes’ first iOS release Plunderland free for the first time ever. Plunderland is a 2D side-scrolling adventure filled with pirate ship combat on the high seas and pillaging of unfortunate souls on land. We loved the game when it first released, and several updates since have improved the overall experience. A must-download as a free hors d’oeuvre before the main course that is Prevail.


Hypership Out of Control, $0.99 - We quite enjoyed Hypership Out of Control in our review from this past September, and for the 2nd time since release you have the chance to grab the game for free. The gist is that you’re controlling a spaceship whose gas pedal is inexplicably stuck to the metal, and as you continuously increase in speed you’ll need to shoot enemies, avoid hazards, and collect coins. Unfortunately the levels aren’t random, but there are a few different modes and the ability to race the levels in reverse that add some variety.


These Robotic Hearts of Mine, $2.99 - These Robotic Hearts of Mine is the telling of the timeless tale of boy meets girl through 36 levels of Rubik’s Cube-esque puzzle solving. It has a charming retro style, and manages to successfully do what many have a hard time doing, especially in puzzle games: tell a compelling story. We really liked it in our review, and the only real problem is that the game lets you skip puzzles without limit or penalty, and it’s a much more satisfying experience if you can work through the tougher puzzles without breaking down and skipping them. Beyond that, a beautiful little game to grab while free.


LongCat Love Adventure, Free - I was rather taken with LongCat and his love adventure when it was the Kitty Corner game of the week on our podcast not long ago. This silly arcade game tasks you with connecting LongCat with his love interest who resides atop a tree high in the sky. You drag LongCat into the air towards his foxy lady, avoiding branches and other hazards, while his feet stay planted firmly on the ground. Hence the name LongCat, you know? Definitely a weird title, but it’s cute and actually pretty fun, especially for free.

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  • LongCat Love Adventure

    Help Tom to get the love of his life, Mimi.

    Mimi is sitting above the tree, and because of his special power, T…
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  • Hypership Out of Control

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  • These Robotic Hearts of Mine

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