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Video of Upcoming ‘Pinball Arcade’ Running on iPad 2

We’ve been incredibly excited for Farsight Studio’s upcoming Pinball Arcade since we first heard about it this past October. Following their critically acclaimed Pinball Hall of Fame Gottlieb and Williams collections that have appeared on various platforms over the years, Farsight is now working on what they hope to be the ultimate pinball video game with Pinball Arcade. Featuring tables from historic pinball companies like Bally, Stern, Williams and Gottlieb, Pinball Arcade is also set to be updated and expanded frequently following release and should eventually contain at least 50 classic pinball tables, making for the ultimate virtual collection.

Pinball Arcade is slated to hit just about every platform you can think of, including iOS. Last month, we checked out a trailer that showcased several of the tables in action, though the footage didn’t seem to specifically be from an iOS device. However, their most recent video demonstrates the Tales of the Arabian Nights table from Pinball Arcade running on an iPad 2, and it looks absolutely fantastic:

Pinball Arcade is scheduled for an early 2012 launch – which is like, now – and I’ve got my money on us seeing it in the App Store before the end of the month. The first tables to launch with the game are Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Theatre of Magic, and Black Hole. They hope to add 2 new tables per month via updates, and each month a different table will be featured as “Table of the Month" and offered at a discounted rate. For launch, the first Table of the Month will be Tales of the Arabian Nights, which will cost 99¢. The other 3 tables will run either $1.99 or $2.99 each, according to Farsight’s Twitter.

Be on the lookout for Pinball Arcade to hit hopefully really soon and check out our forums for some discussion on the game.

[Thanks Jeff!]