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‘Sin Or Win’ Coming This Week

Fasten your time-travellings belts and turn off your electronic devices. Back in August, we checked out Toxic Blob‘s Sin Or Win for the first time. We came away impressed, and were stoked to see it that coming September. The game didn’t make it out. In fact, it still isn’t out and won’t be until … this week.

Toxic Blob’s Jamie McCarter dropped us an e-mail saying that he’s been using the delay time, which he’s written about extensively on his studio’s blog, to focus on tweaking and refining the entire experience. The final, retail build of Sin Or Win you’ll play this coming December 15 has new fiends, better load times, a “solid" 60 FPS, and even an in-app hint system.

We’ve had a long, long time since initially seeing this game to figure out how the heck to categorize Sin Or Win. No luck — we’ll continue to let McCarter pitch it, and also use his words as a way to convienently remind you about what it is.

“In the game, the cavemen come from either side, and following the Grim Reapers’ command, leap into the abyss," McCarter told us awhile back. From here, you’ll get the choice to either save cavemen (winning) by flicking them into clouds or kill them by letting them dive into the pit and burn to death (sinning)."

December is going to be crazy busy with releases, but we’re definitely going to give this the official look closer to release. Also, with the game finished, McCarter has moved on to a content update for the game: version 1.1 will “expand" the play, as well as add in Game Center. Neat!