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See ‘LostWinds’ iOS In Action, Get Ready For Holiday Release

Earlier this summer, we caught word that Frontier Developments‘s LostWinds was headed to iOS and Android. Now, we’ve got a great first-look at the iOS version title in action — and, guys, it’s silly gorgeous.

Once an acclaimed WiiWare title, Frontier has obviously pushed the visuals to the max for our phones and tablets. And if you look, you’ll notice that it’s a fairly HUD-free port with specific touch actions, which has us thinking that we’re actually in for an all mobiled-out experience.

No solid date or price point have been announced, but we do know that LostWinds is coming to every iDevice this holiday as a Universal app. Also, it’ll ship with a “new map feature" specific to touch devices. Our popcorn is ready, for sure.

UPDATE: Yay, technology! The trailer we originally posted was cut short for some… reason. This is the full thing.