‘Rebuild’ Update Will Roll In iPad Support, Game Center

My new favorite thing on iOS is Rebuild [$2.99]. It’s a fantastic strategy game that has the capability of ruining your life like only a Civilization can, but it also has this great touch that makes it exceedingly accessible and much more interactive. Its biggest flaw is the fact that it can only be played on iPad 2. Awesomely, that’s going to change pretty soon.

In an e-mail exchange with us, Northway Games confirmed that iPad support is on the way in an update that has already been submitted to Apple. This update will also pack in Game Center support, which presumably will add achievements, too. Explaining why the game wasn’t release for both platforms at once, Northway said that its technology simply wasn’t playing nice with the original iPad. It is now!

If you’re interested on checking this out on smaller iOS devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch, the wait might be a while. Northway is open to the platform, but a port isn’t in the works just yet.