Daily Deals: EA Is Offering Select Games On The Cheap Throughout This Month

Deals! In the coming weeks, we’ll presumably be posting about a billion different sales as developers and publishers scramble to capitalize on Christmas fever. We’re sure that EA will be involved in more than one of these posts, but it’s getting a jump on everyone by offering games on the yuletide cheap right now.

Allow us to introduce you to EA mobile’s Daily Deals. It’s a promotion that, as its name spoils, offers different iOS and Android games on the cheap every day — until January, at least. Now, for example, you can save fifty percent on in-app purchases of Fantasy Safari‘s [Free] currency or download Shift 2 Unleashed for iPad and iPhone for $0. That’s hip, right? Hit up the Daily Deals web site here to stay in the loop as it hacks at prices of more stuff through the month.