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Polygon Play’s Cave-Flyer ‘Lander Hero’ To Land in 10 Days

Just a quick weekend heads-up on a title that will be arriving in 10 days that I’ve been eagerly waiting four long months for.

Back in July we previewed the cave-flyer / gravity game Lander Hero from Polygon Play. At the time, I called it a “charming" title, which is an odd descriptor and one I use rarely — but it fits. So much is right about the early version that I played through, featuring just 13 test levels, that I came out smiling and wanting much more. It’s just an awesome member of the genre.

Polygon Play has just let us know that Hero Lander has been approved by Apple and will be available for download on November 30th (iPad only, at least initially), at which time we will post a review to go along with it.