Bungie’s ‘Crimson: Steam Pirates’ Now Available for iPhone Along with New Chapter 3 Expansion

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Over this past summer, Bungie had everybody guessing as to just what exactly they were up to by trademarking both the “Crimson" and “Bungie Aerospace" monikers. In late August, we learned that Crimson was actually Crimson: Steam Pirates [Free], a new strategy game developed by Harebrained Schemes in conjunction with Bungie. Bungie Aerospace would actually be the name used for publishing the title on the App Store, and we would assume, future titles as well.

With that mystery finally solved, Crimson: Steam Pirates launched for the iPad on September 1st. It turned out to be a pretty decent strategy game too, if not a bit too linear in its progression. It came with a very generous 8 levels as part of the free download, with an additional 8 levels in a Chapter 2 expansion available as an in-app purchase.

Yesterday, Bungie Aerospace launched Crimson: Steam Pirates for iPhone [99¢], a smaller-sized version of the iPad game. The game appears to be identical to the one on the iPad, but the pricing is structured a bit differently. It’s 99¢ for the initial download, but it includes both the original Chapter 1 levels and the expansion Chapter 2 levels for the price, which is half of what it initially cost on the iPad. Additionally, a brand new Chapter 3 has launched with the iPhone version, and can be purchased from within the app for another 99¢. Chapter 3 is now available within the iPad version too, also priced at 99¢.

If you are sans iPad and have been interested in Crimson: Steam Pirates, or you’re just looking to have a more portable version for your iPhone or iPod touch, then now is a good time to check out the newly released Crimson: Steam Pirates for iPhone.

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