‘Jetpack Joyride’ Adds Social Network Support, In-Game Score Markers, and More

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Halfbrick’s marketing wizard and president of Halfbrick Marketing School For The Gifted And Golden-Tongued, Phil Larsen, promised us that more updates to Jetpack Joyride [$.99] were on the way. Again, the magnificent man leaves no room for disappointment. In the latest version of the game, the studio has added two new jetpacks, more costumes, and score-tracking features that’ll definitely inspire some ire amongst friends if you rock at joy riding.

To get specific, this update adds the Chrome Plated Afterburner and the Golden Piggy Pack as new additions to the jetpack line-up. Also, you can now dress as “Sensei" from the Fruit Ninja [$0.99 HDLite] series, a silver robot, or even a king in his robes. More importantly, you can now post your scores directly to Twitter and Facebook and enjoy Doodle Jump-style markers in-game that reveal where your friends have croaked. That’s actually quite a huge addition, eh?

Jetpack Joyride is still stupid-fun for us. I can’t explain it, either. It just has that one, almost indescribable “one more play" appeal. We can’t stop. Seriously. Help us.

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