‘SPY mouse’ Now Available, Score It for Free at Starbucks Starting Next Week

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We’ve been keeping tabs on Firemint’s newest upcoming title since it was announced back in February of this year. Things were much different back then: their new game was still known as Agent Squeak, Firemint wasn’t owned by EA yet, and Steve Jobs was still the CEO of Apple (ok, that one just happened, but still). Fast forward to now, and after a nearly 2 year development time, the title that is now known as SPY mouse [99¢] is now available in the US App Store.

We’ll be putting SPY mouse thoroughly through the ringer and bringing you a review soon, but if you like scoring free games while picking up a cup of your favorite overpriced coffee then I want to let you in on a little promotion that’s going down to celebrate the launch of the game.

Beloved coffee chain and free WiFi sanctuary Starbucks has been running a new promotion called the Pick of the Week, where the cafe highlights a new book, TV show, or application and gives them away for free. Starting next Tuesday August 30th, SPY mouse will mark the first game to participate in this program. Basically, you’ll just need to stop into any Starbucks in the US and score a Pick of the Week card which will allow you to redeem SPY mouse for free through iTunes. Pretty simple, right?

There is a catch, though. These Pick of the Week cards are in limited supply, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Previously, Starbucks offered up the premium version of the music recognition app Shazam Encore [$5.99] as part of this promotion, and word on the street was that they were pretty hard to come by. Seeing as games are the most popular type of app in the App Store, and SPY mouse is brand spanking new, it might be kind of difficult to get your caffeine-riddled hands on one of those cards.

Don’t distress, though. If heading to your local Starbucks sounds like too much of a task, or you’re worried about them running out of cards, there is a simple solution. You can spend one of your hard-earned dollars and just buy the game the old-fashioned way. It is available right now, after all, and the Starbucks promotion doesn’t start until next Tuesday. No matter the path you take to obtain a copy of SPY mouse, keep your eyes peeled for our full review to hit soon and as always stop into our forums to hear discussion and impressions of the game.

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