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‘Speedway GP 2011’ Submitted to Apple; New Trailer Released Featuring Six Seconds of Gameplay

We got a look at a few screenshots of Speedway GP 2011 last month, and while we’re still incredibly light on details regarding what’s going to be in the actual game, they shot us over a new trailer today which features an entire six seconds of gameplay footage.

Check it out:

I’m… oddly excited for this game. Games that have to do with motorcycles and dirt bikes tend to work really well with the tilt controls of the iPhone, and I’ve had a lot of fun with games like 2XL Supercross [$4.99]. I think what will make or break Speedway GP 2011 is how heavily they lean on the licensed and “official" aspect of the game to cover up any potential lack of features. If there’s a compelling career mode, I’ll be one happy camper.