iCade, iControlPad, and iPad Support Coming To ‘Match Panic’ Soon

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I’m struggling to think of a modern game that cuts to the chase quicker than Match Panic [$.99], a matching game from the mind of Chaotic Box. In the game you’re presented with three columns on three distinct plains. Two of them will present you with adorable lo-fi art that you need to match-up with the rotating art in the center column. Matching faster will net you rewards, while failure to line up objects with their cutesy look-a-likes will result in failure.

As hilariously simple as it sounds, it’s a compact enough experience to earn our praise. And now it’s coming to iPad via a Universal update slated for this Tuesday, August 9th. iCade and iControlPad support are coming on the same date, too, via a general update.

The iCade support in particular sounds like a great way to play the game. The increased precision and screen real estate that it allows should make for some tighter and generally more controlled action, though I don’t think I’ll ever reach the level of zen that dude in the above video matches with. I’m forced to live with my mediocrity.

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