‘Snuggle Truck’ Level Editor Update Goes Live

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As I write this, you could be designing your own Snuggle Truck [$.99HD] levels in the brand new update to the physics-based driving game. Owlchemy Labs’ dropped us an e-letter this morning stating that Apple had blessed the titanic update, and it also revealed that, in celebration, Snuggle Truck will be sold at 30-50 percent off the normal price. For the next 24 hours, you can grab the game on iPhone and iPod for $.99, or on the iPad for $1.99. That’s a cool deal! I think!

Just as a light re-cap if you missed our previous coverage, the level editor is a drag-and-drop deal, similar to the one in LittleBigPlanet. Also, like LBP, you’ll be able to upload your creators or play, share, and rate other peoples’ levels through a new web portal. This update also rolls in a much-needed UI flip, some balance tweaks, and other little fixes.

We’ve seen a lot of crazy updates in our time, but rare are the ones that change the face of a game. Granted, Snuggle Truck will continue to be a title about cute animals that you need to escort back to the zoo, but now it can also boast a previously unexplored sandbox aspect that really tries to tickle the creation itch. What’s next? A built-in text editor?

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