‘Chocolate Tycoon’, ‘Homerun Battle’ and More Price Slashed In Big Com2uS Sale

Com2uS loves to party, apparently. The App Store publisher and owner of the trademark ‘tower defense’ isn’t above cutting the costs of its games in celebration of every single calendar holiday. But it also drums up weird reasons to price slash its games when there isn’t one on hand. Take now, for example. The publisher is 13 years old now and because of that, it has decided to drop a bunch of its games to 99 cents. Neat, I guess!

Just as a little FYI, these deals started appearing before the weekend and they only extend into this afternoon. That makes today the last day you’ll be able to enjoy these prices… until Com2uS finds something else to celebrate. My cat’s birthday is coming up soon, actually. Surely, Hannibal’s name day is worth some good ol’ fashion impromptu savings, right? You can thank me later.