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Make Fresh Sushi in the Upcoming ‘Ninja Fishing’

Gamenauts, creators of an iOS title we liked very much called Stickbound [Free], have released a video for their newest project called Ninja Fishing. Basically, it takes the novel slicing gameplay of Fruit Ninja [99¢] and couples it with… fishing. It may sound like a pretty strange premise, but after watching the trailer I actually think it looks pretty intriguing. You’ll use tilt to control a fishing line as it lowers into the depths of the water, hooking fish along the way. Then, as you reel them up and above the surface, they are flung into the air where you must quickly slice ’em and dice ’em with your katana, Fruit Ninja style.

The key to success in Ninja Fishing is getting your line as deep as possible into the water before it hooks a fish and begins its ascent, giving you more time to hook additional fish on the way up. The more fish that you slice up, the more gold you earn which can be used for upgrades to your katana and hook, as well as other gameplay modifiers. Ninja Fishing sounds like it might just be wacky enough to work, and we’ll be able to find out when it launches on August 4th for 99¢. We’ll be sure to check out Ninja Fishing when it releases, and be sure to stop by the game’s discussion thread in our forums.