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Early Demo Video for ‘Afterlife: Ground Zero’, A Survival Horror Game that Uses the Unreal Engine

Trendy Entertainment, creators of Dungeon Defenders [$2.99] on iOS, are currently working on a project tentatively titled Afterlife: Ground Zero. The game will be a survival-horror third-person shooter, and should contain some sort of cooperative gameplay. I use the word “should” because at this moment the Afterlife project is still in the very early stages, and nothing about the game has really been finalized.

Over this past weekend, an internal gameplay video of Afterlife was accidentally uploaded publicly to the vastness of the YouTube interwebs, and it didn’t take long for members in our forums to take notice of the video and post it for all to see. The problem is, the video wasn’t meant for public consumption, and was really only meant as a tech demo to show off internally.

Well, you can’t fight the power of the internet, and instead of running around and trying to eradicate every version of the video that gets uploaded Trendy decided to just recapture the same footage in a higher quality and release it publicly. Keep in mind, this video is mostly just a tech demo running on an iPad 2 using the Unreal Engine, and many things can and will change before a final release:

One thing worth pointing out is that the virtual controls are definitely placeholder, and were whipped up quickly just for the purposes of this demo. Other than that, though, Afterlife looks pretty astounding. As was stated, the game is VERY early and will likely evolve quite a bit as it continues development, but this demo video shows a ton of promise. You can follow along with the discussion in our forums and we’ll definitely have more news on Afterlife: Ground Zero just as soon as it’s available.