‘Game Dev Story’ Sale 2: Sale Harder, Also ‘Hot Springs Story’ Joins The Party

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Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story [$.99 / Lite] is now even cheaper than it was a week ago when the studio put it on sale. The simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a game creator, designer, administrator, and event planner is now $.99 instead of $1.99 or its standard $3.99. That’s a total of two dollars worth of savings in celebration of the release of Pocket Academy [$3.99 / Lite]! Exclamation marks!

Hot Springs Story [$.99 / Lite], the simulation game that has you designing the perfect bathhouse with cutesy buildings and services, has joined the sale as well. It’s now $.99 cents as well instead of its usual $3.99. It’s a totally different game than its predecessor, but you’ll see flashes of the same carrot-on-the-stick design, as well as other holdovers, including art and the upgrade systems.

We’ve written about both games at length in their respective reviews, so make sure to give those a read if $.99 isn’t pushing you over the edge. Both games are great, though, I think you’ll find, and offer a lot of content for your dollar.

Pocket Academy debuted a couple of weeks ago. It’s a mash-up of these two games that revolves around a school setting. It’s remarkable in that it’s more about the people than it is about building the perfect school. I love it for that and we gave it a glowing overall review. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan (or become a fan) of these two games.

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