‘Monster Hunter’ Gets A New Game Plus-ish Mode In July Update

Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting [$4.99] received an update earlier this month that rewards its most invested players with harder content. In version 1.01, “Real Hunt” was added. It’s a masochists’ take on the “New Game Plus” model that allows anyone who beat the game to enter into it and experience the title all over again with stronger monsters, less item drops, no way to see monster health gauges or attack predicators, and zero continues. So, if you like fretting about lost progression or item enhancement, this seems like the mode just for you!

In other update news, Capcom notes that several bug fixes have been addressed in this version of the game. The studio gets no more specific beyond “minor.”

Video by AppBank

Dynamic Hunting doesn’t rank too high on our “games we like” list, but it is a solid romp for fans of the series and people who really get into Infinity Blade-style [$4.99] over-the-shoulder fight / swipe fests. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out our day zero impressions piece. If you’re more into chatting with people about the game make sure to hit up the message board.