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E3 2011: EA Hands-On – ‘Madden 12’, ‘FIFA 12’, ‘Battleship’, and a new ‘Monopoly’

Meeting with EA is always a little weird at conventions. Like most massive companies they’re governed by many layers of management, marketing, and more. Because of this, details on a lot of these games are hilariously vague. In fact, I was able to get a peek at The Sims Medival, but at this point in time, the only thing EA is willing to let me take away from the event is its logo. Similarly, all they’d tell me about Madden 12 is that it’s better than last year, and it has leaderboards.

Oh well, I’m sure we’ll have more details soon. Anyway, on with the show-

Madden 12 – The Madden series iterates heavily from year to year, with basic tweaks, improvements, a new roster, and maybe even a new feature or two. This year seems to be no different. The player models seemed to look a little better, the textures were a bit more crisp, and of course, it ran fantastic on the iPad 2.

FIFA 12 – Us Americans don’t care too much for soccer, but it’s really cool to see EA expanding their system they used in Scrabble to use smaller iOS devices as controllers for a game taking place on the iPad.

Battleship – Everyone remembers Battleship, right? Do I need to explain how it works? Here’s what you need to know: No online multiplayer. Weird, right? Either way, the little animations between shots looks neat, and are easily skippable by tapping the screen.

Monopoly: Here and Now: World Edition – Aside from having entirely too many colons in its title, this version of Monopoly has an entirely new board and some other nice additions that you can see in the video.