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New Trailer for ‘March of Heroes’, First Unreal Engine Title from Gameloft

Last week we learned from a tweet by Gameloft that their first title to use the Unreal Engine would be a game called March of Heroes. Unfortunately, the only information on the game was what was contained in those 140 characters or less. Based on the name alone, we felt it safe to assume that March of Heroes would be some sort of military first-person shooter, which isn’t much of a stretch considering that particular genre has flooded the market in recent years.

Today Gameloft has released a proper trailer for March of Heroes and – surprise! – it’s a military themed first-person shooter. Based on some of the visuals in the trailer, it looks like March of Heroes may take place during the Cold War era, similar to last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The use of the Unreal Engine is definitely a huge upgrade from your typical Gameloft game, as their regular in-house engine has really started to become dated. I’m looking forward to seeing some more from March of Heroes, and seeing how this week is E3, I’m sure we’ll be getting tons of new information about this and other Gameloft titles. No release date or price has been set for March of Heroes, but we’ll bring you any news as we get it, and you can check out our forums for discussion of the game.