‘Across Age DX’ Now Just 99 Cents

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Across Age [$2.99] is one of the few really, really good RPG-adventure game hybrids available on the App Store. It’s kind of like Zelda, as it has plenty of musky environments and disheveled tombs with entirely too many moveable blocks, treasure chests, and baubles that open locked doors. The Zelda-like approach to the design is what makes Across Age a standout among the throngs of games, but I think you’ve got to appreciate the cool time-shifting, real time battle, and party member mechanics. In brief, it’s good.

Also, the DX version, Across Age DX [$.99], is now cheaper.

Starting now and for a limited time, you can download Across Age DX for just .99 cents, a big time savings of two bucks. DX, by the way, is a huge improvement over the original the we reviewed — not only does DX boast retina visuals, it also incorporates a much better way to do battle, slicker animations, and a new dungeon. It’s a new game, basically, adapted from the old one.

So, yeah, go grab it if you’re an RPG nut. We’ve no clue how long this’ll last, so make the choice soon.

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