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Video for Upcoming ‘Vampire Rush’ from Chillingo – A Colorful Blend of Hack ‘n Slash and Tower Defense

Last week, Chillingo released a new gameplay video for their upcoming game Vampire Rush. Vampire Rush is a hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler with tower defense elements, not completely unlike the previously released Dungeon Defenders [99¢]. The difference here, it seems by the video, is that Vampire Rush looks far less complicated and cluttered, which probably bodes well for a mobile title. The artwork is very colorful, which is a nice change from the drab colors that usually make up games of this ilk. Take a look at the video and see for yourself:

Vampire Rush is developed by A-steroids and was released for Samsung phones last October to positive reviews. A-steroids had planned on having an iOS port released this past January, although obviously that date has come and gone. The good news is that the extra development time is going towards making Vampire Rush more than just a simple port of the Samsung version, and should include additional content and enhancements. Also, it’s probably worth noting that despite the vaguely similar style, Vampire Rush doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Chillingo’s previously released Vampire Origins [99¢/Lite/HD].

There’s no solid release date yet, but with Chillingo jumping in to publish the title and releasing this video, I can only hope that this means it’s right around the corner. There’s a discussion for Vampire Rush taking place in our upcoming games forum, and we’ll keep our eye out for any new information on this title.