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Upcoming ‘Great Little War Game’ Looks Like a Great Little Turn-Based Strategy Game

A game that has recently caught my eye in our forums is Great Little War Game from Rubicon Development. It’s a turn-based strategy game similar to Advance Wars or iOS’s own Mecho Wars [99¢], but with a few unique twists that the developers hope set it apart from the rest. As an example, line of sight and terrain will factor into the gameplay, so you’ll be able to hide behind barriers or use elevation to gain increased attack range.

What really stands out about Great Little War Game is the graphical style which has a cartoonish look and uses 3D models for characters and vehicles. You can get a great feel for the game by checking out the following trailer:

Great Little War Game is in the final stages of beta testing, and barring any sort of huge issue will be submitted to Apple sometime this week. There is an active thread in our forums with a lot of additional information, and Rubicon is actively discussing the game there with our members.

Great Little War Game will launch for 99¢ for 3rd generation and above iPhone and iPod touches, and $2.99 for the iPad version. It will contain a 20 mission campaign with an additional 10 mission level pack that can be purchased as a 99¢ IAP. Unfortunately no skirmish or multiplayer modes will make it into the initial release, though they remain options for future versions of the game if sales are strong enough. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for Great Little War Game to hit the App Store in the next several weeks.