TouchArcade at PAX East Today and This Weekend!

As of a few minutes ago, PAX East is underway at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. Passes are completely sold out, but if you’re resourceful you might be able to dig one up on the PAX East forums. Penny Arcade’s PAX is an interesting spin on gaming conventions as instead of being marketing and business focused, it’s an entire event put on by gamers for gamers.

Because of this shift in focus, iPhone coverage can be entirely hit or miss. I’ve got some promising meetings lined up, but it’s nothing like GDC 2011 mania (thankfully, for the sake of my sanity). If you’re around PAX East (or the Boston area) and want to meet up, feel free to send me an IM via AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is ioburn [Status: ]. If you don’t have an AIM account, signing up is easy and only takes a second. Alternatively, AIM is even connected to Facebook and Google Talk, if you would rather use that. AIM forwards to my phone, so I should be reasonably responsive when it comes to meeting requests.

Of course you can always email at [email protected] just make sure to include "PAX East 2011" in the subject somewhere for the sake of my inbox.