Jeff Minter’s ‘Minotron: 2112’ Arrives in App Store

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Last month, we previewed Jeff Minter’s latest iOS creation: Minotron: 2112. This time Minter reincarnates Llamatron from the Atari ST, which was a Robotron-like multi-directional shooter.

Llamatron, which was originally released as shareware for the Atari ST, was a shooter inspired by Eugene Jarvis’ Robotron: 2084. The game plays more or less like a single-stick version of Robotron — wander about the playfield shooting baddies and not getting killed, but you’re a llama instead of a superhuman and its beasties instead of helpless civilians you’re rescuing. Minotron plays basically the same, but this time around, you’re a minotaur, and things have gone dual (virtual) stick, so what you get feels a whole lot like Robotron, but on acid (which is a phrase that could be used to describe a great many of Jeff’s creations).

Blake took a close look at a preview version, and really enjoyed it at the time, so I suspect fans of Minter will be pleased. We’ll take a closer look at the final version when we escape from GDC.

Impressions are rolling in our forums.

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