‘Tilt to Live’ Multiplayer Update Submitted to Apple

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Last month we posted about how One Man Left would be bringing some sort of multiplayer mode to their popular arcade game Tilt to Live [$2.99/Lite/HD]. Since then we’ve learned a few more details about this mode, and now have a video of it in action. This multiplayer update will involve cooperative play inside the ¡Viva la Turret! expansion pack which hit the game back in December.

Dubbed ¡Viva la Co-op!, players can connect locally via WiFi or Bluetooth with one person manning the turret while the other navigates the danger-laden play field collecting jewels to increase the collective score and also delivering pickups that will refresh the turret for  your buddy when it has run out of steam. These roles can be reversed during a game depending on who gets to the turret first after one has been exhausted.

The ¡Viva la Co-op! expansion has already been submitted to Apple and is just awaiting approval, which One Man Left hopes will happen before the end of the month. This multiplayer expansion has also been hinted at for the iPad version of the game Tilt to Live HD, which just received the ¡Viva la Turret! update earlier this month, although we haven’t heard anything official and it would likely take some tweaking to get things right on the larger screen. Drop by the thread in our forums for discussion on Tilt to Live and keep your eyes on your update button for the ¡Viva la Co-op! expansion that should hit in the next week or so.

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