Upcoming ‘Dungeon Defenders’ Update Adds Android, PC, and iOS Cross-Platform Multiplayer

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While we weren’t too crazy about Dungeon Defenders: First Wave [$2.99] in our review, the latest news from Trendy Entertainment is really cool. In an upcoming update, the game is going to have completely cross-platform multiplayer. How cross-platform? Well, the following video shows the game being played with an iPad, two different Android devices, and on a PC:

Characters are also going to be completely portable between platforms as well. Prior to this announcement, we’ve seen some cross-platform multiplayer on the App Store such as Homerun Battle 3D, but I haven’t seen anything like this before. The thought of being able to bring my iPad over to a friends’ house and play in a multiplayer game with them that they’re playing on their PC feels like the future.

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