Holiday Themed ‘Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition’ Now Available for Free

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Back in September developers Krabl and FDG Entertainment released the follow-up to the quirky platform puzzler Ynth [$2.99] titled Beyond Ynth [$2.99/HD]. The game used some interesting mechanics, tasking the player with rotating boxes of various sizes and shapes in order to get Kribl, the protagonist bug in the game, to the end of each level. Beyond Ynth had a wonderful art style with Retina Display graphics, clever level designs, and unique gameplay, all of which we noted in our review. About the only thing we didn’t like was the oft-frustrating trial and error aspect of the game, something that was mostly remedied with a nifty rewind feature that was introduced in an update last month.

Now, in lieu of a proper lite version of Beyond Ynth, the developers are following in the footsteps of Angry Birds Seasons [99¢/HD] and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift [Free] and have released a free holiday themed version of their game called Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition [Free/HD]. This free ad-supported version features a nice slice of what you would be getting with the full version. There’s an entirely new Christmas story that takes place across five levels, Game Center integration, Retina Display support, and the new rewind feature.

The 5 levels in Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition don’t last very long, but they do give you an idea of the types of gameplay you’ll encounter should you choose to purchase the full version. The short Christmas story is fully voiced with cute hand-drawn cutscenes, and appropriately some of the levels take place in the snow, though the full version features desert and fire levels as well. There are separate versions for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and if you’ve been wanting to get a taste of Beyond Ynth before deciding to plunk down the cash then give Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition a download.

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