‘Angry Birds’ Update Smashes in to App Store With Game Center, New Levels, and Retina Display Support

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Our favorite bird flinging pig poppin’ game Angry Birds [99¢ / Free / HD] hardly needs an introduction anymore. Everyone from friends of mine who staunchly consider themselves non-gamers to random people of all types I end up waxing iPhone games with either have heard of, played, or in some cases, are even working on clearing the whole game with 3 stars. Of course, the game still has a little way to go before it eclipses Doodle Jump, as I haven’t seen an angry bird on stage at a Lady Gaga concert yet, but the upcoming plush toys are a good start.

The latest update might be the best one yet. Game Center integration supplements Chillingo’s Crystal adding achievements and even online leaderboards, giving a whole new purpose to revisiting old levels to beat the scores of your Game Center friends. Crystal achievements seem to transfer over, so be ready for some huge achievement spam the first time you launch the game after updating.

Angry Birds has been high up on my list of favorite iPhone games for quite a while now, but I hadn’t been playing it much since I got my iPhone 4 as the game looked worse than most when upscaled to the resolution of the Retina Display. The game pulls a complete 180 with this update, as the new high resolution graphics makes Angry Birds one of the best looking 2D games I’ve played on the iPhone, and the amount of detail you can see when zoomed out now is really amazing.

Of course there’s 15 new levels to plow through, adding even more content to a game that is already stuffed to the brim. Don’t waste any time updating Angry Birds, and if you haven’t downloaded this game yet, you’re really running out of reasons to hold off, as the amount of entertainment you will get out of this 99¢ purchase is mind boggling.

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