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A ‘Max Adventure’ Update, Level Building Video

Back in June at Apple’s WWDC 2010 in San Francisco, we had a chance to sit down with Natalia Luckyanova of Imangi Studios, the folks who most recently brought us Harbor Master HD [free], to take a look at their upcoming dual-stick shooter Max Adventure, which we first previewed earlier in the year.

Max Adventure paints a friendly end-of-the-world scenario where all the adults have been abducted by aliens. That leaves you, young Max, as the only one who can save the other children and the world, in general.

We recently checked in with developer Keith Shepherd to find out how the game is coming along. As it turns out, a lot of progress has been made on the title since we saw it back in June. The game engine is now basically complete and the focus is currently on levels and content. Imangi is shooting for around 20 levels in Story Mode, with a handful of Survival maps available at launch. According to Keith, they’re halfway there, with a mix of mission types currently in place:

  • Rescue missions, where you go around saving kids trapped in the neighborhoods
  • Escort missions, where you have a lead a particularly scared friend to safety while battling off enemies
  • Area clearing missions, where you have to get rid of all the enemies in the area
  • Bonus levels, where you get to run around and collect as much treasure as you can in a limited time
  • Survival missions, where you have to fend off waves of enemies
  • Boss battles

To give gamers an idea of what goes into putting a Max Adventure level together, Imangi recently released a time-lapse video that condenses four hours of level building footage into just three minutes. The video shows progress from a blank slate to a rough, playable draft, all within their own, custom-built, Mac OS X-based level editor. The accompanying score is taken from original, in-game music that Natalia is presently working on.

[ See our WWDC Max Adventure interview / hands-on footage. ]

Keith stresses that four hours to build a level may seem short, but it doesn’t factor in the work put into the art assets by designer Kiril Tchangov, programming time, and play testing and tweaking time, which can take up to several days for a single level.

And the latest addition to the game? Keith tells us that, recently added, is Max’s ability to take over the flying pods of groups of aliens that attack on the wing, giving him the ability to take advantage of a pod’s powerful weapons and to fly over low obstacles.

We’ll post a close look at Max Adventure when it goes live in the App Store. Stay tuned.