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Video of ‘So Long Oregon’ for iPhone Released, Port of PC Game from the Mind Behind ‘Enviro-Bear 2010’

Justin Smith, the man behind cult phenomon (and the best bear-driving-a-car simulator we’ve ever seen) Enviro-Bear 2010 [99¢], has just sent out a tweet showing in-game video of the iPhone port of So Long Oregon, Let’s Go Find El Dorado (previously known as F*** Oregon, Let’s Go Find El Dorado on PC). Developed under the newly monikered Captain Games studio, So Long Oregon is the punk rock alternative to the classic edutainment title The Oregon Trail.

The game is a right to left scrolling wagon combat/racing game, featuring subtle nods to concepts found in the original Oregon Trail. You’ll race against other wagons across the great North Western terrain, but rather than ending up in Oregon (which “only has dirt”), your settlers decide to hang a louie and make their way south towards the gold-rich hills of Northern California. Wagons can shoot, catch diseases, and feature incredibly silly physics as they launch over mountains and crash into woodland creatures.

Information and video taken from the So Long Oregon website:

Drive a wagon across the American west, then veer south in search of the legendary ancient lost city of GOLD known as “El Dorado". Oregon only has dirt! Wouldn’t you rather be rich?

Test your conestoga wagon driving skills in 4 Challenges, including the Historical Oregon Trail for those of you who don’t want gold.

Compete for high scores and achieve achievements on the OpenFeint power-up system.

Experience physically accurate terrain collision rendering. So much more than just going left!

For those of you who were endeared towards the simple graphics of Enviro-Bear should be pleased to know that So Long Oregon features a similar visual style, as well as a comically absurd premise. You can follow along at the game’s website or on Jusin’s Twitter as more information becomes available, or sound off in the thread in our upcoming games section. We’ll be looking forward to getting our hands on this game which is said to be coming “really really soon”.  The PC version (complete with the original F-bomb in the title) can be downloaded here.