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Post-Apocalyptic Open World 3D RPG ‘Xenome: Episode 1’ Hits App Store July 8th

Judging by the excitement drummed up by the Aralon: Sword and Shadow post from a few days ago, we’ve got a sizable fan base of people who absolutely love open world RPG’s. Developed by Nine Pound Studios, Xenome: Episode 1 takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where players take the role as “The Scientist", emerging from 250 years of cryostasis in the center of the Silica Flats. In total, there are five square miles of in-game terrain to be explored, filled with missions to take, monsters to slay, and experience to earn.

Xenome features a main plot line, as well as plenty of missions and side areas and as you’re making your way through the game you’ll be able to tweak your character’s various abilities and stats while equipping yourself with the over 500 in-game items. Xenome is controlled using a set of virtual joysticks which control your movement as well as the in-game camera with an array of on-screen buttons that handle things like jumping, attacking, and your various special abilities.

The Xenome web site has a countdown timer currently ticking for the game’s release, and the developers are planning on releasing all kinds of snippets of lore and other information on the in-game world over the next week as it counts down. We’ll take a closer look at the game when it’s released, but if you’re a fan of open world RPG’s and have gotten tired of the fantasy setting that’s become somewhat prevalent in the App Store, keep your eyes peeled for Xenome: Episode 1 next week.