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Upcoming Game Trailer Bonanza: ‘Monorace’, ‘Plunderland’, ‘Phoenix Spirit’, ‘Air Hockey Arcade’ and ‘Pinch’

Our upcoming games forum is a hive of activity lately with tons of cool looking iPhone games all in different stages of development. If you like the looks of any of these games, don’t hesitate to stop by the developer’s thread and post some words of support or any suggestions you may have.

MonoraceCraneballs Studios

Following Blimp [$1.99 / Free], 33rd Division [99¢], and more recently, Superfall [$1.99 / Free], Craneballs Studios is working on a side-scrolling racing game called Monorace. Packed with OpenFeint leaderboards, players will be able to race with one of 3 included characters across 50 different levels then submit their times online and challenge friends to races against their ghost. Of course, with any OpenFeint game, Monorace comes loaded with a whole set of achievements, if farming OpenFeint gamer points is your cup of tea.

PlunderlandJohnny Two Shoes

Judging from the thread, Plunderland still seems early in development but this trailer has definitely piqued my interest. In the game you play as a ghost captain of a pirate ship which can be tweaked out with all kinds of upgrades, at which point you sale across a side-scrolling sea battling other ships, blimps, and something that looks like some kind of dragon-like sea monster in the trailer.

Phoenix SpiritSpearhead Entertainment

In Phoenix Spirit, players explore a forest in attempt to discover the source of the Mother Tree’s illness. Along the way you will unlock new powers which will allow you to reach new sections of old areas you’ve already been to. The developers have made comparisons to both Metroid and Castlevania when describing the game… Which really is all I needed to hear.

Air Hockey ArcadeArroyo Games

There are a ton of air hockey games on the App Store, but none as full featured as Air Hockey Arcade seems to be shaping up to be. Aside from taking place in full 3D, the game will have multiple game modes and other gameplay elements such as needing to avoid bottles being thrown from the audience or even quick time event fights with other hockey players. On top of that, there are power ups, customizable players, and even OpenFeint integration. Air Hockey Arcade looks really cool.

PinchCoatsink Software

In Pinch, players solve puzzles involving these differently colored orbs called “norbs." Pinching them can either group the norbs together in to larger blobs, or separate them in to smaller ones. There’s also a color mixing mechanic where norbs of different colors can be combined to pass certain obstacles.