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Upcoming ‘Rocket Racing League’ Gameplay Trailer Looks Great

When we stumbled across this new trailer for Rocket Racing League, I figured it was just another cool aerial racing game. After a little more research, I was surprised to find that there is a real Rocket Racing League, which is described as “the closest thing to Star Wars Pod Racing here on Earth." With the inaugural flight taking place barely two years ago, both the real Rocket Racing League and the iPhone game have definitely piqued my interest.

Rocket Racing League will be released for both the iPhone and iPad, with both single player and local multiplayer with up to four players. The game has four race types, and will launch with five track locations and two more coming post-launch.

Check out the trailer:

The last update on the Rocket Racing news site mentions the game being days away from submission to Apple, so hopefully we’ll be racing around in rocket planes very soon.