‘Babylonian Twins’ Finally Arrives for iPhone and iPad

After starting on the Amiga 17 years ago, Babylonian Twins has finally been released — but on the iPhone platform. Babylonian Twins was started in 1993 by Iraqi developer Rabah Shihab.

Babylonian Twins is s a puzzle-platformer with two-character tag-team type play. The game has been entirely revamped since the original Amiga version and includes all new graphics and audio.

First impressions of the game are very positive. You control two characters, Nasir and Blasir, in order to solve each levels. Each character has some special abilities, but only one can be active at once. Switching between the two is as simple as tapping on a button — leaving the unplayed character as a statue. You’ll find you need to tag team to make your way past puzzles and obstacles, and even use the other character as a springboard to jump higher. Blasir can jump higher, and dash into walls, while Nasir spin to break through weakened floors. The game is a collaborative effort between the two characters.

As all virtual control systems, the d-pad suffers some from a lack of tactile feedback, though not sure if that is avoidable. We’ll spend some more time with the game for a more formal review. The game is available for both iPad and iPhone.

App Store Links: Babylonian Twins (iPhone/iPod Touch), $2.99, Babylonian Twins for iPad, $4.99