‘Zenonia 2’ Hits the App Store

Gamevil’s Zenonia 2 [App Store] was just released on the American App Store mere moments ago, and already since its initial release in New Zealand the thread on our forums has been going insane.

Zenonia 2 is the sequel to Gamevil’s smash hit Zenonia, which still makes appearances in discussions on our forums where people are asking what RPG they should pick up. Zenonia 2 seems to have greatly improved on most aspects of the original game, and even comes with this amazing trailer narrated by a girl dressed as a butterfly:

We’re in the process of powering through the game for an in-depth review, but so far, it’s safe to say if you liked the original, Zenonia 2 won’t disappoint.

App Store Link: Zenonia 2, $4.99

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