TouchArcade Advertising and Editorial Policies is the largest iPhone gaming site on the internet and, as a result, we attract a large number of customers and advertisers alike.

We’ve built that traffic based on hard work and trusted evaluations of new and interesting games coming for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This reputation is what attracts visitors which subsequently attracts advertisers. As a result, our reputation is our most valuable asset and not something we would ever sacrifice.

Like most major sites, however, we accept advertising which includes banner ads as well as more dramatic site skinning ads. This certainly raises legitimate questions about advertising influence on reviews and coverage. These thoughts may also be accentuated by the fact that the largest ad buys tend to come from high profile, high budget, and highly anticipated titles. As the site has evolved over the years, we also are supported by Patreon and our backers consist of both readers and developers alike.

These advertising deals are negotiated independently of the editorial staff and without any expectation of product reviews or coverage for the advertiser. And certainly no expectation of favorable coverage. The same can be said for Patreon support. Additionally, external links include referral codes whenever possible, these links include the App Store, Amazon, and other online retailers that offer affiliate programs.

Here are our advertising and editorial policies:

  • All reviews, news and coverage are based entirely on our own beliefs as to what is relevant or interesting to our readers
  • Review outcomes are based on the personal evaluation of our reviewer.
  • Advertising and Patreon income has no impact on choice of coverage and certainly has no affect on the outcome of a review
  • We offer no pay-for-review opportunities or any other opportunities which mix editorial and sponsorship interests.

As a reader, you should realize that the benefits of allowing advertising on the site and utilizing Patreon are great, and we feel those benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Advertising (and Patreon support) allows us to purchase games in a timely fashion to provide the early reviews and impressions to help you make your purchasing decisions. It allows us to try and subsequently discard the hundreds and thousands of games in the App Store that are not worth your time or money. It also allows us to pay our staff to dedicate the time needed to properly evaluate these games. Finally, it allows us to pay for server resources to deliver our page views and support our growing forum traffic.

While we understand your concerns, we want to reassure you that we are working very hard to provide you with the most comprehensive and objective coverage of the iPhone gaming scene.

Arnold Kim
Senior Editor