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iPad Game Screenshots: The Deep, Frogman, iBlast Moki

Some developers have been taking advantage of our upcoming iPad games forum to post early screens of their coming iPad games. As we said during our GDC podcast, iPad gaming is going to launch with a bang, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are a few of the early screens that caught our eye. (Click on images for iPad sized screens).

Gameprom’s Pinball Games are coming to the iPad. Just when you thought you might have gotten tired of pinball gaming, this screenshot of the iPad version of The Deep has us excited to play these again with the extra real estate provided by Apple’s tablet-sized device.

Revolutionary Concepts, makes of Cobra Command posted screens of their upcoming iPad and iPhone game Frogman. Essentially, Frogger in 3D, we’ll have a closer hands on look of the iPhone version very shortly.

Finally, fan favorite iBlast Moki is also getting the iPad treatment with extra breathing room with the larger screen size.

Click on screens for full iPad-sized images.