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‘Frogman’ Hands-On Preview with Video

Revolutionary Concepts, creators of Cobra Command [App Store] and the upcoming Karate Champ, have given us a sneak peek of Frogman, a 3D Frogger-like game that should be available very soon. Wrapped in a ridiculous story that is highly reminiscent of ‘The Fly’ with classic gameplay enhanced by powerups, Frogman blows Konami’s Frogger games out of the water.

By default, the game is controlled using swiping gestures, but also includes two different control methods with either arrows on the sides of the screen, or a virtual D-Pad. Gameplay in Frogman is nearly identical to Frogger. You hop from one side of the screen to the other, rescuing helpless civilians, and trying not to get run over.

As you progress farther in the game, the simple traffic patterns slowly get even more complicated, eventually introducing boats, trains, and even platforms over lava. While hopping back and forth you can pick up various powerups, such as one that lets you jump over an obstacle and another that slows everything down. The slow motion powerup becomes particularly vital in later levels.

Here is a brief gameplay video of a preview version, keep in mind that the sounds are not finalized at all. Revolutionary Concepts plans on adding voices, new sound effects, and much more music to the game before its final release:

Frogman should be available very soon, and we’ve been told that it will be priced “well under $5." An iPad-specific version featuring higher resolution textures is planned and will follow the launch of the iPhone version by about a month. If you too grew up on the well-greased joysticks of Frogger arcade machines, keep an eye out for this game.