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‘Zombie Escape’ Hands-On Preview with Video

Yes, there are tons of zombie games on the App Store. Yes, there are also tons of line drawing games on the App Store, maybe even more than zombie games… But how many line drawing zombie games are there? Viqua Games’ upcoming post-zombie apocalypse line drawer, Zombie Escape is exactly that. Using the same skills you honed landing planes in Flight Control and docking ships in Harbor Master, you can save survivors from a legion of zombies.

Helicopters land, and you must draw lines to guide the survivors to them. Each helicopter can only hold a few survivors, indicated by the dots below each helicopter. When one is full, it takes off, and after a while another one takes it place. Things get hectic quick as the screen fills with zombies and you need to manage the survivors while you wait for a new helicopter to arrive to load them in to.

This is where the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Crates are randomly dropped in game that contain goodies that the survivors can pick up by walking over them. These goodies include bombs that can clear out swarms of zombies, emergency helicopters that are great for dropping on groups of survivors waiting for a ride, meat to lure zombies, and others.

You can see how this all goes together along with how the difficulty ramps up in this gameplay video:

Three different levels are included that are slowly unlocked as you play, and Zombie Escape has full OpenFeint integration with loads of achievements and online leaderboards. Zombie Escape is currently entering beta testing, and the build I played in the above video is a work in progress that doesn’t even have an icon yet. I like what I’ve seen so far, and can’t wait to see the final product once it’s fully tested and tweaked.