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Trism 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Originally announced in mid-2008, it sounds like Trism 2, the sequel to the early iPhone smash hit Trism [App Store], is one step closer to seeing the light of day. Demiforce released the following teaser trailer, mentioning that Trism 2 is not only coming for the iPod touch and iPhone, but also the iPad:

We got in touch with developer Steve Demeter to get some more details on what to expect in Trism 2. While he’s not releasing any screenshots just yet, he did mention that Trism 2 is being overhauled from the ground up, and apparently looks quite a bit nicer than the first. The sequel will also have multiplayer, but is implemented in “a really fun way that you might not intially suspect".

Demeter hopes to have an iPad optimized combo app that also will run on the iPhone or iPod touch, but isn’t ready to make any promises yet because of how important he feels being under the 10MB 3G download cap is. The sequel of course will also include a “classic" mode that will play like the original where players tilt their device to alter gravity while sliding rows of triangles to make matches.

For more information on Trism check out our review.