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‘Trism 2’ and ‘Trism: Puzzle Master’ in the Works

Fans of Demiforce’s Trism [App Store] game will be pleased to note that there are plans for a sequel and and spin off version are in the works.

Demiforce’s Steve Demeter revealed to his upcoming plans. Trism 2 will emphasize multi-player gameplay with turn-based point battles, while Trisim: Puzzle Master will be a spin-off title based on Trism’s Syllogism (Puzzle) mode which relies on your tilting skills.

TouchArcade had previously reviewed Trism and found it to be a remarkably original and fun game. Fortunately, Demeter is still working on updates for the original Trism game before delving too deep into his sequels.

The original Trism remains available in the App Store for $4.99.