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Chromixa – Jigsaw Puzzle of Light

480027_5Simon Watson recently released a unique and very nice puzzle game called Chromixa. Chromixa takes your basic jigsaw puzzle and adds the element of light mixing to create an interesting new game.

The game carries a simple but effective art style and you are presented with a series of puzzle pieces which must be properly combined. Aside from filling the goal shape, you must also overlap the pieces properly to also achieve the goal color. The game uses mixing properties of real light that should be familiar to some already. Red, Green, and Blue all combine to form White, for example.

Chromixa offers very easy to use touch controls. Dragging pieces allow you to naturally move them into place, while tapping on them allows you to use a circular guide to rotate them to the right angle. There is a nice snap-to-grid functionality so you aren’t required to make pixel-perfect rotations.

The developer’s gameplay video shows how the game is played:

The game comes with 48 puzzles across easy, medium and difficult categories. Easy is predictably easy, but I wasn’t able to breeze through the medium levels. The developer also does a very nice job by adding a few mini-games to prolong playability. These mini-games offer similar color-based tasks to keep you busy when you aren’t trying to navigate through the puzzles.

Overall a nice and original puzzle game that should appeal to fans of jigsaw or tangram-like games. The forum thread also has more positive feedback from early adopters of the game.

App Store Link: Chromixa, $1.99