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‘Radio Flare Redux’ Announced, ‘Radio Flare’ Free This Weekend

Screenshot from the original Radio Flare

Studio Radiolaris has dropped the price of their musical shooter Radio Flare [App Store] to free for this weekend only (from $2.99). The game is a solid side scrolling shooter for the iPhone with a musical component to it that we enjoyed when it first came out. The developers have since added a number of new features and levels to the game since its original release and is certainly worth downloading for free.

The reason for the price drop is in celebration of the announcement of their follow-up title Radio Flare Redux. This time, Studio Radiolaris is teaming up with Chillingo as a publisher for their new title. Radio Flare Redux is said to bring a whole new experience with a fresh new style.

“It will be great to have multiple licensed music tracks in Radio Flare Redux. This way each level will be a unique experience." says Fares Kayali, Sound Designer at studio radiolaris. Adds Martin Pichlmair, Lead Designer for Radio Flare Redux, “Everything is driven by rhythm and beat – from the enemies’ paths to their actions and even the background graphics!"

The following teaser video has been released:

Redux is due for release in “Winter 2009".

App Store Link: Radio Flare, Free (This weekend only)